Spring/Summer 2024

Reducing frailty and disease is just the first step in helping seniors live their best possible lives.

What the data say about America's growing population of older adults

Health Care’s Hidden Workforce

Caregivers are the glue in a fragmented system of health care and support services for a ballooning population of aging Americans.

Public health research examines aging at every level, from molecular to societal.

Untangling relationships among sleep, physical activity, and brain health may suggest ways to reduce dementia risk. 

As counterfeit medications proliferate, researchers work to alert doctors and patients to the risks.

Food programs tend to target adults and younger kids. What about adolescents?

Dobbs' Long Shadow

Abortion bans are changing where prospective doctors study and work—and stand to exacerbate health care shortages and disparities.


Readers respond to our reporting on AI in public health and other stories from our Fall/Winter 2023 issue.