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Mom's Second Chance

By Daniel Webster

My mother, Kathy Webster, was an amazing woman. She held our family of seven together though she struggled with bouts of depression and anxiety through much of her adult life. Her mental health worsened in 1983, soon after both of her parents died. Seeing no way out, she drove her car into the Ohio River. Thankfully, a brave young man dove into the river and saved her.

Following her suicide attempt, my mother was treated for depression; she awakened spiritually and shored up a frayed relationship with my father. She lived another mostly happy 27 years, welcoming five grandchildren to the family. In 2010, when she was very ill, she sensed that she was nearing the end of her life. “But it’s okay,” she said, “I’ve lived a good life because I married a fun man.” Mom hung on long enough to attend the wedding of her first grandson before leaving this world.

I will forever be grateful to the man who rescued my mother from the river. I’m also thankful that there were no guns at home when she felt so desperate. Even the most talented surgeons can rarely rescue someone who attempts suicide with a gun.

Some believe that if a person wants to take their own life or someone else’s, it is fruitless to limit their access to a gun. My research and personal experience suggest otherwise.