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Survival Story

Joy: I was nine months pregnant when my pains began. I walked with my husband from the cocoa camp to the village. We went to the district hospital, and the baby was born. At sunrise, I ate a bowl of porridge and then saw that I was bleeding heavily. The nurses came over. After that, I was unconscious.

Clement: We went to the hospital in Kumasi. My wife was in a coma for four days. They gave her seven bottles of blood, but I knew she would not come back again. I knew she would die.

Joy: They operated on me so I could not give birth again. I thanked God I was alive and not giving birth again because I have enough children.

Clement: The blood cost 600 cedis [about $320]. I borrowed money. I won’t have any income until January after the cocoa harvest. Then I will owe 1,200 cedis [with the 100 percent interest]. Lately I have been sick: I lost 15 kilos in three months. I haven’t gone to a doctor; we already owe so much money.

Joy: I hope our daughter will become a doctor or a nurse. She can take care of us during our illnesses.