Fall 2019

2019 Fall Magazine Cover


An exploration of one of our most basic needs—and what failing to meet it means.

9 minute read

The health of our hometown is a strategic and moral imperative for our School.

4 minute read

Heads in the Cloud

With laptops, free online courses, and a startup, Biostatistics Professor Jeff Leek aims to open doors to data science careers for Baltimore youth.

8 minute read

Winged Victory

Emily Gurley’s painstaking surveillance is catching up with a lethal virus.

6 minute read

True change requires persuasion from the ground up.

4 minute read

20 And Counting

Two decades of transforming family planning research, policy, and advocacy.

3 minute read

A New Strategy for Opioids

Cutting the supply of painkillers isn’t solving the opioid epidemic.

4 minute read

Hot on Cholera's Trail

Antibodies and algorithms help track outbreaks and identify hot spots.

2 minute read

A Parasite-Powered Hunger Strike

Does Plasmodium drive mosquitoes’ feeding behavior?

2 minute read

Melanin samples are headed to the International Space Station to test their ability to protect against radiation.

2 minute read

Several U.S. states are considering the harm-reduction strategy.

2 minute read

Suspicious Packages

A new screening test finds evidence of cancer in DNA fragments.

2 minute read

Dates + Deadlines

5 minute read

Digitizing Health Care

Smisha Agarwal assesses the immense potential—and possible pitfalls—of digital health technologies.

4 minute read

An all-too-human moment stops the editorial process.

1 minute read

For five decades, David Paige has fought to radically improve children’s nutrition in the U.S.—and amassed tangible evidence of the journey.

2 minute read