Spring 2020

Spring 2020 cover

What Doctors Are Missing

Thousands of sex trafficking victims filter through the U.S. health care system each year.

14 minute read

With some legendary role models, women have ascended to leadership positions in public health.

4 minute read

How climate change threatens water infrastructure with twin impacts of extreme weather.

2 minute read

Climate and Diet

Feed everyone or save the planet? Here’s how we can do both.

9 minute read

Connected to Health

Exploring ways to reduce isolation and improve well-being.

4 minute read

Change the World, Baker

After a career of making the world a less dangerous place, Baker’s new initiative aims to keep it that way.

11 minute read

Overdose is Preventable

Harnessing big data to identify people at risk—and save lives.

2 minute read

Breaking Point

It’s time to optimize our food systems for nutrition and equity.

4 minute read

Right Message, Right Now

Tailored interventions delivered by smartphone may help curb smoking.

2 minute read

Open Source

Will Federal Research Funds Help to Prevent Gun Violence?

2 minute read

The Microenvironmentalist

Ashani Weeraratna’s groundbreaking research looks beyond tumor cells to understand the role of aging in cancer.

4 minute read

Bacteria Are Individuals, Too

New molecular tools reveal diversity in bacterial communities.

2 minute read

Spring 2020 Agenda

Dates + Deadlines

4 minute read

The Air Out There

Environmental exposures can harm both developing and aging brains.

2 minute read

The Hard Truth

Public health needs journalism. And vice versa.

1 minute read


Puppets ... and the researchers who love them.

2 minute read

Preparing Women to Lead

Five alumnae share their journeys from student to public health school dean.

3 minute read

Childhood’s End

1 minute read

Unreadable, Medication Needed, After All These Years

1 minute read