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2018 Bloomberg American Health Initiative Fellows

This year’s class includes 7 DrPH and 22 MPH students.

By Melissa Hartman • Photos by Johns Hopkins Photography

Combining their professional experiences with the training they’ll receive as Fellows, these students are poised to join a new generation of public health leaders. After earning their degrees, they’ll take their skills back to their communities to help address health challenges in the Bloomberg American Health Initiative’s five focus areas.

At a Glance: Impact in America

Focus Areas

  • Addiction & Overdose 9
  • Risks to Adolescent Health 5
  • Environmental Challenges 6
  • Obesity & The Food System 6
  • Violence 3
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  • Addiction & Overdose

    • Profile photo for Hannah Johnson

      Hannah Johnson

      New York/New Jersey High Intensity Drug Trafficking Area

      New York, NY

    • Profile photo for Eric Harkness

      Eric Harkness

      Tennessee Department of Health 

      Nashville, TN

    • Profile photo for Billina Shaw

      Billina Shaw

      Prince George’s County Health Department

      Largo, MD

    • Profile photo for Elise Andrews

      Elise Andrews

      Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services

      Baltimore, MD

    • Profile photo for Adelaide Murray

      Adelaide Murray

      JSI Research and Training Institute, Inc.

      Bow, NH

    • Profile photo for Alison Miller

      Alison Miller

      North Carolina Office of the Chief Medical Examiner

      Raleigh, NC

    • Profile photo for Sarah Danforth

      Sarah Danforth

      Prevention Point Pittsburgh

      Pittsburgh, PA

    • Profile photo for Ransom Wyse

      Ransom Wyse*

      Tennessee Department of Health

      Nashville, TN

    • Profile photo for Lauren Niles

      Lauren Niles*

      The National Committee for Quality Assurance

      Washington, DC

  • Risks to Adolescent Health

    • Profile photo for Mia Stange

      Mia Stange

      Community Pediatric Programs

      Bronx, NY

    • Profile photo for Matthew Chin

      Matthew Chin

      Charles B. Wang Community Health Center

      New York, NY

    • Profile photo for Maia Gibbons

      Maia Gibbons

      Youth Empowered Society Drop-In Center

      Baltimore, MD

    • Profile photo for Kathleen Kelley

      Kathleen Kelley

      National Association of County and City Health Officials

      Washington, DC

    • Profile photo for Veronica Helms

      Veronica Helms*

      U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development

      Washington, DC

  • Environmental Challenges

    • Profile photo for Jennifer Spiller

      Jennifer Spiller

      Healthy Homes Coalition of West Michigan

      Grand Rapids, MI

    • Profile photo for Ivana Castellenos

      Ivana Castellenos

      American Public Health Association

      Washington, DC

    • Profile photo for Deirdre Clarke

      Deirdre Clarke

      U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

      Washington, DC

    • Profile photo for Ann Rose

      Ann Rose

      St. Mary’s County Health Department

      Leonardtown, MD

    • Profile photo for Robert Fyda

      Robert Fyda*

      Southern Nevada Health District

      Las Vegas, NV

    • Profile photo for Elizabeth Boyle

      Elizabeth Boyle*

      National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine 

      Washington, DC

  • Obesity & the Food System

    • Profile photo for Micaela (Mica) Root

      Micaela (Mica) Root

      Philadelphia Department of Health – Get Healthy Philly

      Philadelphia, PA

    • Profile photo for Kaitlyn Neises-Mocanu

      Kaitlyn Neises-Mocanu

      Commonwealth Healthcare Corporation

      Mariana Islands

    • Profile photo for Alyssa Auvinen

      Alyssa Auvinen

      Washington State Department of Health

      Tumwater, WA

    • Profile photo for Richard Sadler

      Richard Sadler

      Michigan State University Division of Public Health

      Flint, MI

    • Profile photo for Jaclyn Bertoldo

      Jaclyn Bertoldo*

      Stanford University Residential & Dining Enterprises

      Burlingame, CA

    • Profile photo for Ashley Hickson

      Ashley Hickson*

      American Heart Association

      Dallas, TX

  • Violence

    • Profile photo for Amanda Capitummino

      Amanda Capitummino

      Sitkans Against Family Violence

      Sitka, AK

    • Profile photo for Josh Peterson

      Josh Peterson

      Minneapolis Health Department

      Minneapolis, MN

    • Profile photo for Susan Wismar

      Susan Wismar

      OhioHealth Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio

      Columbus, OH