Fall 2018

2018 Fall Magazine Cover

Then Comes Hope

In the face of the opioid crisis, rural counties in Maryland are relying on a regional source of strength: the durable bonds of community.

11 minute read

Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus explains his priorities for WHO with International Health’s David Peters.

9 minute read

We must protect the health—and human rights—of those forced from their homes.

4 minute read

Purpose Found

My life as a Lost Boy gave me the experience and drive to help displaced people around the world.

3 minute read

Blood, Data and Tears

An oral history of the origins of the Multicenter AIDS Cohort Study.

10 minute read

Alma-Ata's Second Chance

The famous declaration’s 40th anniversary is an opportunity to truly deliver health for all.

5 minute read

Flood of Injustice

The latest health impact of a warming planet? Climate gentrification—the pricing of vulnerable populations out of their homes.

8 minute read

Residents of the Danger Zone

Minority and low-income neighborhoods face disproportionate risk from oil trains.

2 minute read

Valuing Culture

Victoria O’Keefe champions research and interventions that engage scholars and Native communities in a shared purpose.

4 minute read

2018 Bloomberg Fellows

This year’s class includes 7 DrPH and 22 MPH students.

2 minute read

Data on the Brain

Massive brain scan databases could lead to more precise diagnoses and more effective treatments.

2 minute read

Open Source

Is social media having a positive or negative impact on public health? 

2 minute read

Dates + Deadlines, For the Win, Epi(c) Anniversary, Long-Term Yields

5 minute read

Talking Points

Learning to deliver key public health information on the spot and on message.

2 minute read

Crisis Averted

Identifying crises before they become emergencies.

2 minute read

Dangerous Drinking

Tackling the understudied problem of alcohol misuse in low-income countries.

2 minute read

Back Story

Humans still have a lot to learn about taking care of each other.

2 minute read

Far from home.

1 minute read