Summer 2018

2018 Summer

Women, Empowered

Working for a world where women are safe, healthy and heard.

11 minute read

Our work cannot stop with designing and executing a research study.

4 minute read

Gains in Hearing Loss

Once considered an inconvenience of getting older, age-related hearing loss has emerged as a critical public health issue.

8 minute read

The Exchange: Opportunity Health

Uncovering the power of communities to resolve inequities and shape health.

4 minute read

Sound Investments

Hearing health starts with good nutrition in early childhood.

2 minute read

Burning Questions

E-cigarettes can help some people quit smoking but may entice others to start. So how should they be regulated?

7 minute read

Small Scale, Big Payoff

To prevent HIV in young adults, show them a future worth working for.

4 minute read

A Public Health Love Story

Two driven MPH students fell in love. Then  their work threatened to put  8,000 miles between them.

3 minute read

Unexpected Protection

A receptor thought to trigger allergic reactions turns out to do the opposite.

2 minute read

A FORECAST for Harm Reduction

Drug checking offers a public health approach to the fentanyl crisis.

2 minute read

Food Visionary

Martin Bloem brings a global perspective to the issues of food access, security and justice.

4 minute read

Doctor of the Displaced

A Syrian physician learns public health skills to someday take back home.

2 minute read

Swimming with Dolphins

An immersive video game could help older adults maintain physical and cognitive health.

2 minute read

Dates + Deadlines - The Microbiome Goes Viral, Constant Vigilance, Ending In Vivo

5 minute read

Micro Meets Macro

Surgery and public health partner in an innovative mentoring program.

2 minute read

Back Story

Discovering the unexpected corners of a far-reaching discipline.

2 minute read

The Last Pixel

In Lao PDR and globally, the risks of smoking extend beyond cigarettes.

1 minute read

The winning images of Dean Ellen J. MacKenzie's spring photo contest.

2 minute read

An Upgraded Model; Price Check; Artful Storytelling

2 minute read