React and Respond

React & Respond

Digital Empowerment, Worth 1,000 Words


We should be shifting the emphasis from “push” messaging [Fall 2018’s Open Source on social media and public health] to facilitating “pull” health care information. The Mobile Healthcare Information For All working group, for example, is campaigning to ensure that everyone has immediate access to practical, essential health care information, such as the Red Cross First Aid app and Where There is No Doctor. Let’s move away from directive messaging and toward empowerment. 

Neil Pakenham-Walsh, MD, coordinator, Healthcare Information for All / via email 


These public health portraits [Collections, Spring 2019] are very accurate and a fantastic effort to portray health issues. They also show how easy it could be to reduce the burden of diseases and disabilities. I encourage the photographers to keep up the great work.

Halida Akhter / via webform 

Great pictures! Living in an underdeveloped country, we are exposed to such an environment on a daily basis. Here in the Kathmandu Valley of Nepal, I hear the sound of coughs more and more due to tremendously increased air pollution. This [photo contest] is definitely a big step to highlighting the importance of public health so others can relate.

Anupama Bishwokarma / via webform