Summer 2019

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Singled Out

Why does a virus leave one child paralyzed and others unscathed? Priya Duggal looks for clues in the human genome.

12 minute read

The rise of autonomous vehicles needs the public health perspective now—not later.

4 minute read

Raising the Bar for Science

A new initiative will fund faculty projects that combine basic and applied science.

2 minute read

Window of Opportunity

The prime time to teach suicide prevention may be earlier than you think.

8 minute read

Advocating for Better Maternal Health in the U.S. and Globally

CCP's Susan Krenn and Christy Turlington Burns discuss challenges and opportunities in global maternal health.

4 minute read

The Man Behind the Curtain

In a career spanning decades and continents, Henry Mosley quietly transformed the field of public health.

11 minute read

Rethinking: Minding the Gap

Focusing on race obscures the true drivers of cancer disparities.

4 minute read

The Accidental Gerontologist

Karen Bandeen-Roche uses statistical methods to identify biological signatures of resilience and frailty.

4 minute read

React & Respond

Digital Empowerment, Worth 1,000 Words

1 minute read

Outbreak 101

Students role-play a federal response to a pandemic.

2 minute read

Baby's First Bacteria

Mothers’ microbes may influence the health of babies’ microbiomes.

2 minute read

A Vicious Circle

The interplay of poverty and NCDs in low- and middle-income countries.

2 minute read

Dates + Deadlines

5 minute read

Healthy Eating, Healthy Breathing

Another benefit of eating the rainbow: better lung function.

2 minute read

Collections Summer 2019

It started with the purchase of the 1895 tome Malaria Fevers of Baltimore at New York City’s Argosy Book Store in 2014.

1 minute read

What It's All About

Resilience, individual to global, is at the core of the public health mission.

1 minute read

1 minute read