Spring/Summer 2021

How to Track a Virus in Wastewater

Wastewater’s biological clues provide an early warning system for COVID-19 outbreaks and other public health concerns.

How to Track Viral Variants

The emergence of potentially more dangerous SARS-CoV-2 variants highlights the urgency of viral surveillance efforts.

How to Change People’s Minds

Consistent, transparent, and credible behavior communication can persuade people to practice pandemic safety.

With fierce love and deep commitment, Joni Holifield helps trauma-burdened Baltimore youth become “lifepreneurs.”

Total Exposure

By mapping a lifetime of environmental exposures, researchers aim to uncover causes of chronic conditions.

It’s time to re-envision public health education.

From masking, hand washing, and distancing against Covid-19 to new global recognition, behavioral science is in the spotlight.