Spring 2019

Spring 2019 Public Health Mag Cover

The Parasite in Her Sights

A small-intestine organoid allows Isabelle Coppens to study Toxoplasma in three dimensions—and test ways to kill it before it can harm its host.

11 minute read

Cross-sectoral investments are critical for tackling the double—and triple—burdens of disease.

4 minute read

The Power of Public Health

A plan to shape the future of our School and our field.

2 minute read

Sensing a Pattern

5 ways mobile sensors are changing public health.

8 minute read

The Exchange: Africa Rising

Past progress fuels future hopes for African health, WHO’s Matshidiso Moeti tells Epidemiology’s William Moss.

4 minute read

Just Show Up

How a simple pledge ignited a movement built on community.

3 minute read

Rethinking: Lost Knowledge

The progress of science depends on how we preserve and share what we know.

4 minute read

A Visionary Approach

Technology has potential as a demographic tool.

2 minute read

The Future, Energized

The Bloomberg American Health Summit infuses hope for critical solutions.

2 minute read

Experts weigh in on gene-editing technology.

2 minute read

We Lived Like Prisoners

In Greece, refugee boys and young men must navigate meager services, high risks and slim hopes.

6 minute read

The Perspective Changer

New Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Jeremy Shiffman views global health through a social science lens.

4 minute read

Blood Simple

Proteomics could enable low-cost nutritional testing in poor communities.

2 minute read

Rough Roads Ahead

Improving AV testing to advance mobility for everyone.

2 minute read

Spring 2019 Agenda

Dates + Deadlines

5 minute read

Documenting the diversity of public health in Bangladesh.

1 minute read

React and Respond

Fueled By Hope; Social Distortion; Climate Change's Many Implications; Community of Resilience; An Even Bigger Story

3 minute read

To solve the global refugee crisis, we first need to know ourselves.

1 minute read

Border miseries

1 minute read